Animex Academy 2021

Brilliant! You are here. Below are the lessons and resources for Monday-Thursday focussing on character, story arc, story beats, scene setting and gamification. Each day kicks off with a short intro video that sets the scene with most having input from professional animators and games industry professionals. They are all either ex students of Teesside University and/or have spoken at the Animex festival which is hosted there. Although the focus is on literacy, there is also a thread of ‘aspirations’ weaving through the content. These people did it, why don’t you?

The lessons are not overly prescriptive but can be followed as written if you want to. I suspect that there is work here for a fortnight (not Fortnite!) if you followed it to the letter. Adapt the focus to fit in with other literacy objectives you might have this term.

The animation activities are additional and just designed to let your children to explore how to animate and use the app in advance of the challenge day on Friday if you feel it is necessary. On Friday there will be a short video released that asks the children to create a story and animate at least part of it. It focuses the children on working to a time limit, team and communication skills as well as the creative thinking and problem solving that any animation takes. You do not need any specialist equipment other than an iPad (other devices may also work) which uses a free app called StopMotion.

The resources are all held in a Google Drive so just click on title of the day you want (below) and download whatever you need. The videos are all available on Youtube (embedded below) but are also included in the folders.

The exception is Lucky Dip which I do not have the rights to simply download a distribute but the youtube link is below:

Animation Activities

For those of you building animation into the whole week, the image below opens a folder with two very short videos and an activity guide that will support your progression from ‘What is animation?’ to ‘I may get a job at Pixar’ within a few lessons! To be honest, animation skills like so many other skills, build over time but once developed you can apply animation to pretty much every aspect of the primary curriculum.

Have fun!