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Monday, Wednesday and Friday Activities engage pupils across a large age range in cross curricula themes about where they live and what their futures might be. Opportunities for writing, design thinking and problem solving run through all activities.

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Why are these resources useful?

  • Aspirations
  • Cultural Capital
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Computing
  • History
  • Geography
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Design thinking

Schools are in partial shutdown and parents and carers are home schooling. The resources on these pages provide opportunities to learn about some of the exciting developments, issues and opportunities in the Tees Valley. Research strongly suggests that children who have a wider understanding of their local area, particularly businesses and opportunities that exist for them, do better at school and earn more in later life. These resources combine local awareness raising with activities and challenges to engage pupils across a wide age range. Come back every day for more resources and click on the links below each week to access new activities three times a week.

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River Tees week

digital week

fly away week

Designing the new Tees Crossing, considering our use of river and exploring Teesport. The importance of the river is huge and these resources explore current issues.

Digital is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Tees Valley and the UK generally. Activities focussed on the exciting new developments coming to this area VERY soon.

Having an airport is an important asset for any area of the country. These activities explore the development of the airport and was the exciting future is.

Netzero carbon week

Explorers week

Transport WEEk

So you know about the multimillion pound project that will lead the world on reducing carbon emissions in Tees Valley, don’t you?

Let’s start with Captain Cook and then head to infinity and beyond.

New developments at the birthplace of the railway? Find out more and show your creativity.

Engineering week

A taste of some of the exciting projects and opportunities that our pupils will get to be part of as they grow up if they want to!

Digital media week

Digital media is all around us and understanding how to create it is a key skill.

Leisure in tees valley week

So many exciting projects and opportunities for both tourists and our local residents.

This document gives ideas that can be used generally across all the different videos and challenges on the site.

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