You are busy.

You are not a teacher but you recognise the importance of raising awareness of your business and your sector to young people.

The importance might be personally felt, an opportunity for effective CSR, great PR for the company or a personal connection to the children involved.

It really doesn’t matter.

Our work covers most of the schools in the Tees Valley and often further afield.

Our experience is national award winning.

Our approach is simple:

  • When you have the time and inclination to work with pupils, speak to them and inspire them about what you do….we can create events to maximise the impact both on site and elsewhere
  • We also create resources for companies so that impact reaches far beyond any events that they can attend and human resource that they can provide
  • Our resources are innovative but based on what research tells us has an impact and over 20 years of experience engaging learners of all ages
  • Our approach is bespoke to your company needs

Our experience has included huge engineering shows, bespoke sector days, pupil focussed films ‘behind the scenes’ of work places and a lot of working with pupils directly to develop their awareness of what is on their doorstep and how to get there.

Having worked with around thousands of pupils of all ages and with over 20 years of experience, our offer is unique not just in the Tees Valley but also the UK.

If you would like to discuss any thoughts or ideas please contact us for a natter: