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Spark Tees Valley in conjunction with Inspire2Learn Tees Valley is a company specialising in developing cultural capital for children in the Tees Valley. After working on successful projects that have supported almost 50 000 pupils over the last 5 years, Spark is now an independently owned company that supports pupil needs from Nursery to College. We provide in-school, creative, problem solving, digital and ‘world of work’ engagement through projects, INSET and strategies for schools and organisations across all age ranges. Developing effective use of technology in school has always been a bedrock of our work and Andrew is an approved Apple Professional Learning Specialist. Our experience has led us to support schools all over the world but the day to day focus are schools in the Tees Valley.


Our work is based on over 20 years of experience supporting teachers and pupils alongside a constant awareness of what the research evidence suggests will have most impact. Much of this work has been to involve pupils in developing their cultural capital through greater awareness of the world of work, especially on their doorstep. The Tees Valley has an incredibly positive future ahead of it due to natural assets, well planned local decisions and a historical reputation for engineering excellence across many disciplines. The aim of Spark is to ensure that local children grow up with the drive and commitment to be drivers of progress in the local economy. Large scale research data suggests that our approach will have a large long term impact on both schools attainment as well as longer career progression.


Working for many years as a ‘middle man’ between the world of work and education, our experience continues to produce high impact events and projects that work for all stakeholders. An appreciation of what is possible and desirable for both education and business at the outset of a project is absolutely essential and provides an effective platform on which to develop a project or resource. Coupled with many years of experience, our approach allows us to use the best bits of what we know works to develop innovative and engaging opportunities that work well as CSR from the business side and have a huge impact for the pupils/teachers.

Examples include:

Engaging, ‘behind the scenes’ resources of the world of work aimed at age specific pupils

Creativity days with a focus on work based skills and attitudes

Well organised ‘connecting employers and pupil’ events

Creative use of technology days in school

In-school support starts at £280 a day with a range of options on working with teachers, teacher assistants, pupils, governors and parents.

Development of CSR programmes, events or resources are bespoke and our huge network of schools across the Tees Valley would love to know more about your company. Contact us for a coffee and a natter.

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