Tees Valley Engineering Week

More than anything the Tees Valley was built on its engineering excellence. From the birth of the Iron and Steel industry, through the huge development of the chemical industry and now the growth in digital, engineering has been a golden thread throughout our local history. Engineering isn’t just about making things. It includes innovation, an experienced skill base and responding to complex needs. This week we look at some of the huge opportunities for the Tees Valley in the next 5 – 50 years in terms of new products, leading the world and solving world problems. The children in our schools now will be the ones leading this, let’s give them a taste of what is possible.

VE Day!

Time to step back from the localised resources I’m creating and explore the brilliant VE Day resources that are available to honour the sacrifices that were made during WWII that put our lockdown experience into perspective. I’ve linked to some examples below.

Lots of craft ideas for a VE Day picnic
You can’t go far wrong with the BBC Teach materials
Original newsreel footage from 1945