River Tees Week Friday

Download the activity guide for ideas to use with the video

Here is today’s challenge

Useful weblinks to investigate further

Great place for information about the company, videos and live movements in the port

Live tracker for boats coming in and out of the Tees (and every River).

Incredible range of maps and information about the port.

The video on the left shows a program in Scratch. Can you berth a boat without crashing it? The program is linked to the picture on the right. Look inside the code and try your own by starting the boat in different places.

Ever tried playing Ship Bingo? Nope? Well rules for the most badly named game in the world are to the right.

To complete a full house you must pick a boat from each of: North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. The task develops research skills and geographical awareness. It also allows the player to develop a range of skills depending on what you want them to do.

Once a port has been identified you can present the information in a range of ways depending on the skills you want to develop. The download to the right is for a simple presentation but other options could include an information flyer for visitors the port, a documentary style movie with a scripted voice over (using pictures of the port)

This brilliant website to the left allows you to explore old maps of the river to see how the landscape has changed over time. Position the rectangle over an area of the river (or you house!) and click on the thumbnails to the right to see different maps from different years.