River Tees Week

The River is the lifeblood of this area. It creates jobs, creates a great natural habitat and is a wonderful place for local people to enjoy. The activities this week focus on issues surrounding the river and the main use of it for local business. Click on the headings for access to the resources as they become available.


Today is 28th July 2020.

Mayor Ben Houchen led a press conference this morning to rebrand the existing ‘South Tees Development Corporation’ as ‘TeesWorks’ which is the largest Industrial development in the UK. As part of the press conference he also announced imminent demolition contracts that will create hundreds of jobs in the next 12months with many more hundreds following on as a result of the land clearance. The demolition of the existing buildings paves the way for new companies to bring major investment and opportunities to the area. It is brilliant to see that the people involved in this, all of the speakers this morning, are looking at the impact of this for the whole Tees corridor, not just the vicinity of the site. Such a collaborative approach is refreshing after many years of individual councils vying for funding and investment against each other. Together we are a LOT stronger, well done all involved.

Click on the image below to visit the website that contains further details that will be constantly updated as new, and I believe imminent, announcements are made. Spades are now in the ground, this will make a huge difference to the Tees valley area over the next 30 years and more.