Wednesday Digital Week

The world is now relying on digital connections more than ever. Use the video to the right to develop solutions to problems that you can identify for different people.

Your future workplace?

Please download the document to the right for suggestions on how you could respond to today’s video. As usual the focus is on extended, independent tasks that require a creative approach.

Resources to support you

This website is absolutely brilliant and will give you lots of ideas about HOW to develop an app idea. The main resource to use is also available to the right. Scroll down for free courses in app design.

Click on the picture to download a brilliant guide from Apps for Good to developing a successful app idea. It is the planning behind it that is important, not the programming

Want to actually build an app? This drag and drop builder lets you do it for free, for real.

More ideas

Designing an app is not a simple process. The resources above give you lots of tools to think through the process properly and create a great idea. If you would like more inspiration, the video below is an entertaining walk through how to make apps, presented by a 12 year old veteran. Also, the link to Scratch allows you to create an app type game of your own using step by step video tutorials. You can then adapt the game to your own design.

a 12 year old app developer

Make your own game app

This short video is from nine years ago and is presented by a 12 year old who makes apps for fun and profit. It is a great inspiration for just how effective you can be with enthusiasm and effort.

If you haven’t used Scratch before then this is your big chance. It is totally free and has hundreds of thousands of children using it around the world. You can open other people’s projects to understand how they made them but there is also a brilliant set of tutorials to get you started.

Click on the picture to read a plan for an app that tracks where people have been to try and stop the spread of the Coronavirus (or any infectious disease).