Monday Digital Week

Did you know the tallest building in the North East is about to be built in Middlesbrough? Dedicated to expanding the digital sector in the Tees Valley, if you love computers, iPads, coding, gaming or all things digital, this is probably your future.

Your future workplace?

Please download the document to the right for suggestions on how you could respond to today’s video. As usual the focus is on extended, independent tasks that require a creative approach.

Resources to support you

Logic have designed the building and are working with customers to create their new office spaces. They are based in Boho 1 in Middlesbrough. Visit their website by clicking the picture to see more of their work.

News website report with further images and detail from the launch of the project.

Additional news website focussing on further detail, features of the building and the jobs that could be available.

More ideas

Most architectural design is now done digitally. Obviously you need really expensive software and a really powerful computer to do it….er…no actually. Some of it is totally free and really powerful. Yes it takes a little bit of time to learn but it is a great skill to have and if you have any time on your hands…explore some of the links and ideas below.



Home Design 3D

Yep, good old Minecraft classic is a brilliant way to design spaces totally for free. It isn’t refined but one engineer once told me it was the best tool he’d ever seen for mapping out designs simply. If you have paid versions though you can do even more!

Google’s Sketchup has been around for many years and is the most well known online designer. It takes a bit of getting used to but it is really powerful. Free to use.

Brilliant free app on iOS that allows you to design a new building really simply. Free version allows you to save one project but that is great as a start.