Friday Digital Week

It’s time to put your experience of games to good use. Make one! As a challenge try to target your game at a person that isn’t necessarily like you: a different age or someone with different interests.

What to do!

Please download the document to the right for suggestions on how you could respond to today’s video. As usual the focus is on extended, independent tasks that require a creative approach.

Click on the Picture to Visit the scratch website

More ideas

Designing a computer game takes as much time in the planning as anything else. Even without the sue of a computer the planning sheet can be used to come up with an idea for a game that COULD be made, or even a game that can be made using objects from around the home. The design thinking involved is a key skill that employers would want potential employees to have!

Please let us know links to any games that you make and publish in the Scratch community. Screen shots can be uploaded to the folder on the right.