Digital media Friday

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This Middlesbrough based company really is creating the future!

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This link takes you to everything you need to know to become a really successful animator. Along the way you will learn some code, but only to help you express your ideas.

The planners below are incredibly useful for planning your animation before you ever start to think about the code.

Making Movies guidance
Basic shot planner
Annotated shot planner
Detailed shot planner

The projects below are examples of what is possible. Each has been created by different users in the Scratch community which anyone can join free. When they post their projects you are able to ‘see inside’ and copy parts of their code to use in your own projects. It is how programmers in the real world learn. Have a look at each and then click on the link below them to access the code and see how they were made. Don’t be put off by the really complex ones, there are thousands to choose from to get you stated.

Simple animation of a Star Wars scene

Link to project HERE

Animation using more complex graphics and sound

Link to project HERE

Fairly complex animation

Link to project HERE