Wednesday – Airport Week

How creative are you feeling? Well let your imagination fly free from your house with today’s task. Click on the picture to access.

Please download the document to the right for suggestions on how you could respond to today’s task. As usual the focus is on extended, independent tasks that require a creative approach.

Resources to support you

Click the picture for access

Example flyer for a dream destination.

Annotated version of the flyer to show design and text choices to think about.

Simple video that reminds people about the use of images and videos we find online.

More ideas

The videos below will show you some amazing places around the world. Some you may have heard of and some you may not. You might want to make one of them the subject of your work. If you do make sure that you look at other sources of information such as travel websites (some links below) to get further images or information.

Top Hotels

Top theme parks

Awesome places

Travel websites