Friday – Airport Week

Want to tackle an actual issue that is happening in the Tees Valley right now? Great, you’ve come to the right place! Teesside Airport is part of a linked transport system around the Tees Valley. The problem is that the train link is pretty poor. In fact, even if you can get a train to stop there, the distance to the terminal is huge. So you wouldn’t want to use a train to get there would you? In a world where we are trying to get more people to use public transport, how could this be solved? The Mayor and his team have looked at all sorts of solutions. They explored moving the train line closer to the terminal but discovered it would have been cheaper to do it the other way round! So what we really need is an innovative solution that could be built to link the two. But let’s think wider here. Could the solution be so interesting that it could become a place to visit in its own right? Over to you!

Please download the document to the right for suggestions on how you could respond to today’s task. As usual the focus is on extended, independent tasks that require a creative approach.

Resources to support you

Click the picture for access
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Scan the code to view the route in a series of annotated VR scenes.

Simple design planner to show your design.

Blank map for annotations and designs of the whole route.

Cool airport attractions even if you aren’t flying

More ideas

The videos below show you some amazing technologies that you could include in your system. But don’t forget the other aspect of your design, could your solution be a place you would want to visit: a theme park based around air travel, a shopping centre, a series of stops at different activities?

Innovative sky monorail planned for Dubai. More info below:

Auto drive?

Smart floors?