Tees Valley resources week by week

I launched the subscription service to schools for my aspiration resources about one week before the first lockdown. Great timing! But several of you did subscribe in that short window (and even a few afterwards!). Lockdown has seriously curtailed my opportunities to create the content that I planned to make inside various different companies so as far as I am concerned, your subscription hasn’t started yet even if you have been using what is on here so far.

However, I have had a few requests for the content I posted last year for free to any schools who wanted it. My long term plan is to subsume some of it onto here but why should you miss out while I get round to doing it? So….

Below are links to each of the weeks as I presented them last year. Most still stand up but a handful like the Snowdome) are not out of date. However, I am posting them all because the tasks and stimulus can be adapted very easily. Some are more in the media now than at that time and I will be releasing several projects and initiatives over the next few months that relate to them that I’ve been commissioned to create.

I hope they are useful and I hope to get the planned content back on track later this year, even if it is bit by bit. Requests jump to the top of the list!!!


Digital Media





Come fly with me


River Tees