Resolution Comms

Additional Content

The videos, links and documents below are additional content that can be used for further discussion or info about the company and sector. Ideas for curriculum tasks are also included.

Resolution Communications is a PR company based in Stockton. They work across a range of companies both locally and nationally promoting brands across different sectors. Their website (click on the logo) gives greater detail and shows some of the companies that they work with. Key roles in the company include copywriting (for use in magazines and on social media) and graphic/web design.

What is PR and Marketing?

Key skills identified:

  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail

Why is English so important

Key curriculum links:

  • Literacy
  • Art
  • Design

Writing for an Audience Resources

These resources can be used as a context for marketing a product through an enterprise type activity or as part of a literacy task focussing on audience. They are also great for using as a literacy and creative thinking challenge within a curriculum subject like history. For example, the children might learn how the romans were great road builders. The format can be used to create an advertising campaign to get Romans driving on them!


Click on pic for link

This website explores lots of different aspects of PR and marketing with some nice case studies on people now doing various roles. It is very much aimed at KS3/4 children but is a valuable source of information if further info is wanted.


What would you earn if you worked in PR? This website (click on the pic) tells you the current market value of the role and related jobs.